My name is Tolga Akdemir and I am a lawyer who mainly works in the fields of migration law and criminal law. But also in other areas of the administrative law and with civil law questions I would be glad to give you counsel and support.

Before being admitted to the bar, I worked for more than four years as a prosecutor as well as a judge.

Office information

Zimmerstraße 12
64283 Darmstadt

Phone: +49 (0) 6158 / 708 26 35
Mail: ra.akdemir@outlook.de

Main areas of activity

Migration law

Asylum law, residency law, right of permanent residence, search for refugee protection, family reunification, educational and labor migration... Migration law is diverse and often becomes relevant in existential situations. People from very different backgrounds come to Germany and want to settle here. My mission is to support them with empathy, full commitment and professional expertise, both before the authorities and in court.

Criminal law

Criminal law is also wide-ranging and touches people's lives from very different directions. Becoming guilty is an elementary experience that concerns all human beings. Being wrongly accused is usually not less burdensome. And becoming a victim of a crime yourself is an experience that no one wishes upon anyone. Whether as a criminal defense attorney or victim advocate, I work on your behalf to ensure that investigating authorities and courts proceed lawfully and fairly. This requires courageous and persuasive advocacy, deep expertise and rich experience, which I bring with me as a former prosecutor.