Tolga Akdemir Attorney at Law

Strategic defense with judicial experience

My name is Tolga Akdemir and I am an attorney practicing in the areas of criminal law, white collar and compliance.

Before being admitted as an attorney, I worked as both a prosecutor and a judge for a total of over four years. My service in the judiciary gave me unique insights into investigative practice and the mindset of prosecutors and judges. I use these insights to protect your rights through an in-depth analysis of the case file and a critical evaluation of the evidence. My aim is to proactively uncover weaknesses in the opponent’s argumentation and thus offer you the maximum possible protection.

Main areas of activity

Criminal law

Are you facing an investigation or criminal proceedings? The consequences can be far-reaching – not only legally, but also personally and professionally. At such critical moments, it is crucial to have an experienced specialist at your side. With my expertise as a former public prosecutor, I have unique insights into the justice system and a deep understanding of the inner dynamics of investigations and criminal proceedings. I offer you not only first-class advice, but also the opportunity to take an active and informed part in the proceedings in order to achieve the best possible results. Rely on my specialized knowledge to guide you through this difficult process and effectively protect your rights. Call me today and get the consultation you need!

White Pencil
White collar | Compliance

In today’s globalized and highly competitive economy, it is essential for companies to build trust by complying with legal and ethical standards. The importance of compliance as a success factor cannot be overemphasized, as the consequences for non-compliance are severe – from loss of trust and lost business opportunities to financial penalties. My goal is to help you meet these challenges with a customized compliance management system (CMS) that is specifically tailored to your company’s needs and risk profile. I also offer comprehensive support in dealing with a crisis, from internal investigations to representing companies and individuals in legal proceedings. Through proactive compliance management, you will make a significant contribution to leading your company on a path of sustainable success and growth.

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